venerdì 22 febbraio 2013

Zazie goes to Hollywood!

Dear Readers,
For a series of lucky circumstances, your favourite (I hope!) cinema blogger, tomorrow morning will take a flight to LOS ANGELES to participate, on Sunday, to the OSCAR NIGHT!!!
It is something I ALWAYS dreamt about, and the idea that it is actually happening, it is completely unreal.
I still don't believe it but, apparently, if a meteorite doesn't knock down Paris around 10.30 am, off I go into the City of Angels. And of the Oscars.
Of course, this is just an anticipation of future posts to be read about the magical adventure. 
I can't wait to let you know every single detail!
In the meantime, just in case the Academy people forget to give me an Oscar as Best Cinema Blogger, I decided to give them a little suggestion (see picture: the dress is Audrey's, the face is mine...).
By the way, I just hope not to end the soirée as Michael Caine and Maggie Smith in this episode of California Suite by Herbert Ross (1978)...
... until the Oscar moment, stay tuned, dear readers!
Your Zazie

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