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Zazie D'Or 2012

As every year... forget about Oscars, Baftas, Golden Globes, Golden Lions, Golden Palms, Golden Bears, Césars, Goyas, or any other Cinema award you can think of. The most prestigious and most exclusive one, the ZAZIE D'OR, is back again, ready to let you know what was the very BEST of Cinema in 2012! 
Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners are...

The Zazie D'Or for BEST PICTURE 2012 goes to
DE ROUILLE ET D'OS by Jacques Audiard (France)

A woman without legs, a man without words. 
Audiard brings them together and delivers us the most intense love story of the last years.
Simply breathtaking. 

The SPECIAL ZAZIE D'OR 2012 goes to
LAURENCE ANYWAYS by Xavier Dolan (Québéc)

as well as
The Zazie d'Or for the BEST SCREENPLAY goes to Xavier Dolan for the same movie
The story of a man who wants to live his life as a woman.
A revolt? No, more than that: a revolution!
And Zazie proudly co-produced it... In Xavier Dolan we trust!

The ZAZIE COUP DE COEUR 2012 goes to
as well as
The Zazie d'Or for the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY to Rui Poças for the same film
A modern and gloomy Lisbon versus a vintage and sunny African landscape.
The memory of a love story, of a paradise forever lost, and the magical sound of a silent movie. 
The most unexpected gem of the year.

The Zazie D'Or for BEST DIRECTOR 2012 goes to

Because nobody films as Audiard does: it is intense, captivating, magnificent.
I can't get enough of this. I want more!

The Zazie D'Or for BEST ACTRESS 2012 goes to
EMMANUELLE RIVA for AMOUR by Michael Haneke (France)
Everybody knows how much I HATE this movie, that in my opinion has nothing to do with love, but every time I think about Emmanuelle Riva, I can't help myself: she is undoubtly the one who (at 86) delivered the best female performance of the year. Riva, Mon Amour!

The Zazie D'Or for BEST ACTOR 2012 goes to
MADS MIKKELSEN for JAGTEN (The Hunt) by Thomas Vinterberg (Denmark)

Mikkelsen doesn't need to do much to show his skills. In fact, it is quite the opposite: the less he does, the better it gets. As an innocent man wrongly accused of the most ignominious acts towards a child, he is able to express the tragedy in a way that leaves no doubt about one thing: his talent. 

The Little Zazie D'or (BEST FIRST FEATURE FILM) goes to
RUNDSKOP (Bullhead) by 
Michaël R. Roskam (Belgium)
A man who tries to transform himself into a bull... not exactly the lightest subject for a first movie, but certainly an amazing story. Matthias Shoenaerts performance is as good as the one of Robert De Niro in Raging Bull. It's all said.
The Zazie D'Or for BEST DOCUMENTARY 2012 goes to
LE SOMMEIL D'OR by Davy Chou (France/Cambodia)
The heartbreaking story of a cinema that no longer exists, the Cambodian one, erased by the ignorant fury of the Red Khmers. A tribute to the everlasting power of movies.

The Zazie D'Or for BEST COSTUME DESIGN goes to
Charlotte David for POPULAIRE by Régis Roinsard (France)
The woman already behind the fabulous '60s style of OSS 117: Le Caire, nid d'espions, absolutely deserves a prize for this cornucopia of marvellous vintage dresses from the '50s. I want them ALL!

The JEREMY IRONS PRIZE (Man of my life Awardfor 2012 goes to 
Having seen him in two of my favourite movies of the year (Bullhead and De rouille et d'Os) convinced me that this guy has got something special. Inside and outside.
If you know what I mean... (and if you don't, look at the picture!)
A special thanks, as usual, to Sergio "Saccingo" Tanarathe creator of the Zazie D'Or drawing!

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