domenica 17 febbraio 2013

Like a movie

I have lived something special, very special, in these last past weeks. 
It was like a movie.
It was like in The Purple Rose of Cairo, when the most incredible thing happens to Cecilia (the protagonist): the main character of the movie she is looking at for the seventh time, walks off the screen to know her.
After a first moment of disbelief, Cecilia, who spends her time in cinemas, decides to accept the unexpected chance and to live few perfect days with this stranger coming from a movie.
It is a dream, for her. It is simply perfect. Cecilia has this incredible remark: "I just met a wonderful new man. He’s fictional, but you can’t have everything!" 
Days with this man are plenty of surprises, love and tenderness.
Cecilia is even invited to join the world of the movie he is playing in, something that was beyond her wildest imagination:
But this is too good to be true and, soon enough, reality strikes back.
Gil Shepherd, the actor who plays the character in the film, arrives in town, worried about what his fictional double, Tom Baxter, can make. He met Cecilia by chance, he understands what’s going on between her and his character, and he starts talking to her and spending time with her.
The situation got confused very rapidly. Gil declares his love to Cecilia: "I haven’t been able to think of anything since we met. I have to have some time to show you what real life can be like if two people really care for each other."
Cecilia is speechless: "Last week I was unloved. Now two people love me and it’s the same two people!" Gil tries his best to convince her, and when Cecilia claims that Tom is perfect, he replies: 

"What good is perfect if the man is not real?".
And then, of course, Cecilia takes the fatal decision. 
She decides to renounce to perfection to go with the real man.
Arriving in front of the Jewel Cinema, where she has a meeting with him to leave for Hollywood, she finds out that Gil Shepherd already left.
Without her, of course.
Devastated, crushed, she does the only thing she could do to forget, at least for few moments, the dead feeling she has inside her: she goes into the cinema. Cecilia knows that Gil is not the first, and that he won’t be the last, but the list, all of a sudden, seems far too long to be acceptable. And the sadness invading her thinking about the happiness that could have been there for them, simply unbearable. 
Cecilia sits down in the dark, in front of the screen. Alone. In tears.
The movie shows us Gil Shepherd on his plane to Hollywood: he is looking outside of the window with a doubtful look in his eyes. Does he understand what he has done to Cecilia? Does he feel sorry? Is he regretful? He seems so. Will he change his life to be with Cecilia? Will he do something unexpected and irrational to win her back? No way. 
Even in movies, sometimes, there is no happy ending.
They usually are the ones inspired by real life.

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  1. Ciao Francesca, love this review.. So amazing and how life can be just like the films sometime!! Love d seeing you today. Carla x

  2. Loved seeing you too, dear Carla!


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