domenica 20 gennaio 2013

Audrey For Ever!

There is a scene in Manhattan by Woody Allen, where the main character (played by Allen himself) is having a discussion with a friend, and this friend accused him: "Who do you think you are? God?
And Woody replied: "Well, I've got to model myself on someone". 
Today, it is the 20th death anniversary of the woman I always wanted to model myself on: Audrey Hepburn
Since she became an icon in all these years, we are used to see her face everywhere, on posters, pictures, book covers, advertisements, mugs, bags, and other silly objects, but we don’t have to forget what she really was: a beautiful, inspiring, talented, smart, witty, classy, good hearted, adorable person.

It is very rare to read something nasty about her. 
Apparently, she didn’t just look lovely, she was entirely lovely, outside and inside.
Audrey Hepburn didn’t have an easy childhood: she was raised in Holland during the Second World War, she suffered hunger, she was abandoned by her father, but all this didn’t prevent her to embrace life as it was, to do the things that she really wanted to do.
She was special, this is undeniable.
I loved everything about her and I think she was the most beautiful and most elegant woman who ever walked on planet earth. 
Even when she was aging, her class, her smile, her style, kept being incomparable:
There are so many amazing pictures of her that it is impossible to choose just few, as I had to do for this post, but I especially like the ones taken the night she received an Oscar for her role in Roman Holidays by William Wyler in 1953.
Her slim silhouette, her magnificent but simple dress, her tears of joy:

I will always miss you, Audrey!

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