sabato 29 aprile 2017

Happy Birthday, Danny Boy!

British/Irish actor Daniel Day Lewis is turning 60 today.
Since I've been a huge fan of his work for the last 30 years, I think I should really wish him Happy Birthday!!!
Funny thing: I used to know his father, the Irish poet Cecil Day Lewis, before knowing him:
I must confess that the first time I read Day Lewis name on a screen (it was back in 1986, the film was A room with a view and I immediately fallen in love with his character, the snobbish and irresistible Cecil Vyse), I thought he could be his nephew (the two had an age gap of 55 years).
Anyway, these two really look alike, and it is also the case of Dan
iel's son, Gabriel Kane (his mum is French actress Isabelle Adjani):
Well, what can I say? I love the Day Lewis men!
When, in 2013, I was so lucky to go to the Oscars, it was the year Day Lewis won his third Oscar as leading actor (only case in cinema history), and I couldn't help myself: I looked for him at the Governor's Ball and when I found him I made the most ridiculous love declaration of human history in front of his wife (film-maker Rebecca Miller)!!!
Hey, at least I could say that I made laugh Daniel Day Lewis...
Cecil Day Lewis wrote a poem the day his son was born, it is called The Newborn, and the first time I read it I ignored it was about a man I would have loved so much in my life.
Here it is:
The Newborn
This mannikin who just now
Broke prison and stepped free
Into his own identity--
Hand, foot, and brow
A finished work, a breathing miniature--
Was still, one night ago,
A hope, a dread, a mere shape we
Had lived with, only sure
Something would grow
Out of its coiled nine-month nonentity.

This morsel of man I've held--
What potency it has,
Though strengthless still and naked as
A nut unshelled!

We time-worn folk renew
Ourselves at your enchanted spring,
As though mankind's begun
Again in you.

Happy Birthday, Danny Boy!

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