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Zazie d'Or 2016

Awards time is over and Oscars have just been given, with a bit of a mess at the end, but luckily enough you can always rely on the only cinema award that will never fail you: the Zazie d'Or!
And this year's winners are:
The LITTLE ZAZIE D’OR (Best First Feature Film Prizegoes to 
Divines by Houda Benyamina (France) 
Two girls in the Parisian banlieu and their unstoppable desire of a better life. 
Camera d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, César du Premier Film and now the Little Zazie d'Or. 
A consecration!

The Zazie d'Or for BEST COSTUME DESIGN goes to 
Marie Zophres for HAIL, CAESAR! by Joel and Ethan COEN (US)
Nominated to the Oscars for her work on La La Land, this woman made marvelous things for the Coen Brothers movie (just think about Tilda Swinton dresses!). Adorable!
The Zazie d'Or for BEST CHOREOGRAPHY goes to the dancing number  No Dames in HAIL, CAESAR! by Joel and Ethan COEN (US)
This is like going straight back to the '50s... just perfect!

The Zazie d'Or for BEST SONG goes to
CLAUDIO SANTAMARIA for Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot (Italy)
I know, everybody loved Luca Marinelli singing Un'emozione da poco by Anna Oxa (and yes, I have adored it!), but this song at the end of the movie was very melancholic and very powerful too.
In Jeeg Robot we trust!

The Zazie d’Or for BEST ACTRESS(ES) goes to

SONIA BRAGA for AQUARIUS by Kleber Mendonça Filho (Brasil)
If there is an actrice who should be celebrated for her work in a movie, this is for sure Sonia Braga for her incredible role in Aquarius. The most badass woman of contemporary cinema is a 65 years old woman who is not afraid of anything and anybody. Don't mess with her.
She is stronger than you can ever imagine. Girlspower!!!

AQUARIUS by Kleber Mendonça Filho (Brasil) is also winning the ZAZIE COUP DE COEUR 2016!

The Zazie d’Or for BEST ACTOR goes to 
CASEY AFFLECK for Manchester by the Sea by Kenneth Lonergan (US)
I don't have to write anything about it. You just need to watch this video. 
You'll get it by yourself why this actor has won all the possible available prizes on earth for his role as Lee. And if you don't get it, I warn you: you actually don't have a heart. And it's your problem!

Manchester by the Sea by Kenneth Lonergan (US) is also winning the SPECIAL ZAZIE D’OR and he Zazie D'Or for BEST SCREENPLAY!

Because hey, you don't come across this kind of movies very often, and this story is just unbelievably good, well written, carrying heavy emotions with a lightness of touch that is filled with grace, love and humanity. 

The Zazie d'Or for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY goes to  

André Turpin and 
The Zazie d'Or for BEST DIRECTOR goes to Xavier Dolan 
for Juste la fin du monde (Québec)
At each new movie Dolan never gets tired of growing and getting better. This guy is never where you expect him to be: he is always ahead, a step further anybody else. 
I love him for that.
André Turpin, who has been working with him in all his latest movies, does a magic thing with light, here. So delicate and yet so precise. The skills of the two combined is almost too much to handle. Looking forward to seeing when they'll be going next! 

The special prize "Se non ci fosse bisognerebbe inventarlo" goes to 

KEN LOACH for I, Daniel Blake (UK)
Because in this cynical and nasty world, the fact that there is someone like Ken Loach who still cares about people, gives us hope and an immense joy. Grazie, Ken!

The ZAZIE D’OR 2016 goes to
American Honey by Andrea Arnold (US) 
There is something in this bunch of guys that really breaks my heart.
I've always loved Andrea Arnold cinema and I hope one day she will get the recognition she deserves. 
In the meantime, Zazie loves her very much!!!

The JEREMY IRONS PRIZE (Man of my Life Award2016 goes to

Why should I give this prize to somebody else when I have the real one near me???!
As every year, Zazie would like to thank Saccingo for the creation of the Zazie d'Or drawing!

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