domenica 25 dicembre 2016

Noël à Vaugirard

Yesterday night I received a message from a friend which subject was: A Vintage Merry Xmas
I was obviously very curios to read it, but in fact there was nothing to read, there was just a link, and a short movie to see, the one I am posting here for you.
It was a very nice Xmas present, especially because I was completely unaware of this little film. 
A Nouvelle Vague thing I didn't know about... pretty incredible!
It is the most improbable nativity you can think of, with Serge Gainsbourg as Joseph, Chantal Goya as the Virgin Mary and a bunch of cool actors from the '60's (like Jacques Dutronc and Guy Marchand) drinking, singing and dancing in a not very religious way.
Apparently, this was shown on French TV on 23 December 1966.
This is something that cheered me up a lot.
As it was the case for almost all the '60's things, there is a freshness, a craziness, a carefreeness, a joyful sense of life that make you feel instantly better.
And who doesn't want to feel good on Xmas day?
I really adored it (thanks, Dexter!).
I think it is the best way to wish all my readers, wherever they are, a Vintage Merry Xmas!!!
Truly yours,

Noël à Vaugirard (1966) avec Serge Gainsbourg... di rikiai

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