lunedì 29 dicembre 2014

Pin your world

I know, I know, I have always written that my blog is just about cinema.
And I try my best to stick to this rule, but bloggers have secret passions, you know, and it is hard not to share them.
Mine, in these last few years, has been this site:
I am absolutely crazy about it and every time I have a free minute, I run to my page to add a new pin to my boards. If you don't know it, Pinterest is a giant collection of boards full of images. Sometimes images of written words but in any case nothing but images. And you can basically find anything you're interested in.
In my Pinterest page, the one of Zazie from Paris, I have personally decided to create a parallel world. And the Narnia one can go to hide itself, compared to mine.
It is well known that my biggest passion, together with cinema, is Vintage from the '50s and '60s. And this is what you can find in Zazie's page.
Carefully divided into sections, the boards named VINTAGE STYLE are the King (or, better, the Queen) of my Pinterest Page. You can find, among others:
Actresses (cinema can't be too far away as you can easily imagine)
Jane Fonda
Advertisements and Magazines 
Bathing Suits
Evening Gowns
Summer Dresses
And so many more...  but, hey, cinema is always around the corner for Zazie, so you can find a board entirely dedicated to "The Most Adorable One", meaning... Audrey Hepburn (who else??!):
Or one consecrated to the TV series Mad Men, A Mad Men World:
Or to the cult movie In The Mood for Love:
Or one board dedicated just to Cinema in all its splendour, All About Movies:
Not to mention a couple of boards that, even if not properly related to cinema, are basically made by actresses and actors. The one named "Coolest Girls have Short Air" (my readers know this is another favourite theme of mine):
Michelle Williams
And the one named "Men I can easily die for" (who can blame me??!):
Jake Gyllenhaal
I am so proud of all my boards that I can't resist not to talk to you about them. 
So, if during these Xmas Holidays you have a bit of time to check them out, I would be more than happy. Just click the magic button and enter into Zazie's parallel world:
I know, I'm completely crazy, but hey... it's not like you didn't see that coming!

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  1. ti cerco e ti seguo!!! ora ci sono anche io. W!Veronica

    1. Evviva te, Veronica, e tanti auguri per il nuovo anno!


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