lunedì 20 febbraio 2012

Zazie D'Or 2011

As usual... forget about Oscars, Baftas, Golden Globes, Golden Lions, Golden Palms, Golden Bears, Césars, or any other Cinema award you can think of. The most prestigious and most exclusive one, the ZAZIE D'OR, strikes back, ready to let you know what was the very BEST of Cinema in 2011! Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners are...

The Zazie D'Or for BEST PICTURE 2011 goes to
ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey)
This is not just a movie, this is a metaphysical experience. Ceylan drags us into a journey through the Anatolian landscape at night to let us realize at the end of it that we have made a trip into the deepest part of our souls. Without bothering God, Job's invectives, dinosaurs, and the earth seen from the moon, he talks about the beauty, the mystery and the pain of our existences in a way impossible to forget. A Masterpiece. A real one.

The SPECIAL ZAZIE D'OR 2011 goes ex-aequo to
A SEPARATION by Asghar Farhadi (Iran)
The struggles of this couple in modern Iran is one of the most intelligent and subtle tales ever seen on screen . You suddenly understand more about this country and its religious issues than if you have read tons of books about it. Dialogues are amazing, actors to die for, this is just unmissable.

and to
SHAME by Steve McQueen (US/UK)
The descent to hell of a sex addict in a cold and alienating New York brings back the golden couple of contemporary cinema: British film-maker Steve McQueen and his partner in crime Michael Fassbender prove, after their outstanding film debut Hunger, to be here to stay. Lucky us!

The Zazie D'Or for BEST DIRECTOR 2011 goes to
This film-maker elevate the simple act of driving to the rank of sublime art. First time in my life that I thought it was pity not to have a driving licence. Mesmerizing! (and Ryan Gosling does the rest)

The Zazie D'Or for BEST ACTRESS 2011 goes to
ZOE HERAN for TOMBOY by Céline Sciamma (France)
This incredibly young actress (12 years old) playing a girl pretending to be a boy is not only credible but absolutely PERFECT in the role. Her talent let me speechless. Chapeau! 

The Zazie D'Or for BEST ACTOR 2011 goes to
The best performance of the year by far. And if you can't see it, you're blind.

The Zazie D'Or for BEST SCREENPLAY goes to
AKI  KAURISMÄKI for LE HAVRE (France/Finland) 
The Zazie D'Or for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY goes to
TIMO SALMINEN for LE HAVRE by Aki Kaurismäki (France/Finland)
Finnish genius Aki Kaurismäki delivers a movie about immigration and solidarity in his own particular, irrisistible style. It is helped in doing so by long-life collaborator Timo Salminen, the maestro of the kaurismäkian light. The world like it should be...   

The Zazie D'or for BEST ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK goes to
ALEX BEAUPAIN for LES BIEN AIMES by Christophe Honoré (France)
French director Christophe Honoré and his alter-ego musician Alex Beaupain definitively are the Jacques Demy/Michel Legrand of modern era. Every single song is a little jewel and all the actors are amazing singers (Catherine Deneuve, Chiara Mastroianni, Louis Garrel!). Special mention to the song inspired by Morrissey!

The Zazie D'Or for BEST DOCUMENTARY 2011 goes to
RITALS by Sophie and Anna-Lisa Chiarello (Italy/France)
The story of four Italian brothers emigrating from Southern Italy to France becomes the epic, moving story of a family and its own legacy. What does it mean to belong to a country? What is the price you pay for leaving your own terra and the people you love to go looking for a better life in another place? This beautiful, powerful documentary tries to answer to these questions and so much more... Bravissime Sorelle Chiarello!!!

The JEREMY IRONS PRIZE (Man of my life Award) for 2011 goes to 
MICHAEL  FASSBENDER (German/Irish Actor)
Che ve lo dico a fare???!!!
Michael, as you know, the only way to receive this award is to knock at my door. 
I am a bit worried because the prizes are piling up at my place: I already have here for you the Man of my life Award 2009, now the 2011, not to mention the Zazie D'Or  for Best Actor 2011. I mean, you really should stop by. The sooner, the better, my dear...

A special thanks to Sergio "Saccingo" Tanara, the creator of the Zazie D'Or drawing!

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  1. Bella, dobbiamo trovare un sistema per dare tutti questi premi al nostro amico Michael... dai, parte l'operazione Fassbender al tuo ritorno!!

  2. Sì, dai, facciamo qualcosa!!!

  3. Già sai, sono d'accordo su quasi tutto. Devo ancora vedere shame, però. It's a shame!!!

    Ma il "GABRIEL BYRNE PRIZE" quest'anno non l'hai assegnato?

  4. grande, me l'ero dimenticata tomboy, è vero lei se lo merita tutto!

  5. Già, giusto: dove sta Gabriel?!
    Senti, ho un'idea per Michele...


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