martedì 16 novembre 2010

Xavier Dolan needs you!

When you love a movie, what are you ready to do for the film-maker?
This is the question I had to ask myself when I found out that Xavier Dolan, the young québécois genius behind one of my favourite movies of 2010, Les Amours Imaginaires, published an announcement on his web site and on his facebook page asking for money to produce his next movie, Laurence Anyways.
He has made this request through a very interesting website, Touscoprod, where you can help the production of documentaries and fiction movies starting from a minimum amount of 15 $CA.
The production of Laurence (the movie will cost a total of 6,5 million $CA) is trying to gather in a minimum budget of 50.000 $CA, to be reached within July 2011 (if this is not attained, the co-producers wil have their money back).
Intrigued by the weird proposal and fascinated by the idea of becoming one of the co-producers of Dolan's next movie, I have decided to seriously study the case.
First I read about the plot.
1989, Laurence Alia is in a restaurant with his girlfriend celebrating his 30th birthday, and he tells her about his secret project: he wants to become a woman.
Then I read the name of the actor playing Laurence.
Louis Garrel.
And then I immediately gave the money.
I mean: how could I possibly resist not to do so, after having read about the story and the cast?
Now I am the proud co-producer n° 130 of Laurence Anyways.
We (we few, we happy few, we band of brothers, as Shakespeare would say) have reached, for the time being, the total amount of 8.752 $CA out of 50.000 $CA requested. There are still 7 months ahead of us.

C'mon guys, Xavier Dolan needs you.
What are you waiting for???

7 commenti:

  1. Carissima dovresti anche indicare il link da dove si puo partecipare ad essere coproduttore...

  2. Ho messo il link del sito di Touscoprod, dove il film di Dolan è bene in vista. Ho pensato che fosse carino far vedere anche le altre produzioni...

  3. Awesome idea ! Thx for the link (well actually its not, it's :) ). I found the english subs for the interview on youtube (comments) and now I can't wait to see the movie !!!


    Another co-producer :)

  4. Hey Richard, I'm very glad you're another co-producer! I actually indicated the link of the "global" site to show that there are many movies you can help producing! It is very interesting, don't you think?

  5. mon Dieu, comme ce très jeune homme parle simple et bien en plus d'être un formidable réalisateur-comédien-costumiste etc etc...!
    je n'ai vu qu'"Amours imaginaires" et j'ai hâte de voir son premier, puis de casser ma tireilire!!!

  6. Anch'io ho co-prodotto il prossimo film di Dolan!


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