giovedì 31 marzo 2016

Would that it were so simple

I watch over and over again old movies, when I'm home. 
It is one of the greatest pleasure in life, I reckon.
There is always something new to discover: an image we forgot, a perfect dialogue we've missed, an interesting look we didn't notice the first time we watched them.
Tonight I've seen for the third time The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) by Norman Jewison, with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.
A classic movie. A very good one.
The plot is intriguing but by far the three things that work best in the film are the dialogues (absolutely brilliant), the wonderful music by Michel Legrand and the magical chemistry between Thomas Crown (McQueen) and Vicki Anderson (Dunaway):
As usual, I was struck by something amazing that for some strange reasons I had previously missed. After their first date, Crown drives Anderson back home, at night.
In front of her house, while still inside the car, they start the following, simple and yet wondrous, dialogue (without changing the tone of their voices):
TC: Tomorrow...
VA: What about it?
TC: Us, dinner.
VA: Marvelous.
TC: About six?
VA: Perfect.
My goodness, would that it were so simple, as the Coen Brothers would put it.
An affair starting like this, in the most natural, casual and lighthearted way.
I wish it could happen in real life, but well, we know what real life is.
It's... complicated!

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