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Zazie d'Or 2015

Dear Readers,
Yes, I know, this is the moment of the year you are all waiting for.

And I am aware that you don't give a damn about Oscars, Golden Globes, Golden Lions, Golden Palms, Golden Bears, BAFTAs and Césars when you can have the most important and most fabulous award of all: the ZAZIE D’OR! 
And here they are, the lucky ones...

The LITTLE ZAZIE D’OR (Best First Feature Film Prizegoes to 
VINCENT N'A PAS D'ECAILLES by Thomas Salvador (France)

If you think super-heroes are coming just from the US, well, you need to change your mind because France has his super-heroe too, and he is the funniest and the sweetest one you can ever imagine: Vincent. This was the most cheerful film of the whole year. 
Zazie can't wait to see the next adventures in cinema of Monsieur Salvador!

The Zazie d'Or for BEST DOCUMENTARY goes to

AMY by  Asif Kapadia (UK)
One of the greatest voices of music history and one of the saddest human stories ever.
Amy Winehouse tragically died at 27 years old and this intense documentary tries to relate her short but poignant life from the very beginning till the end, passing through all the different phases: young girl from the London outskirts having a great voice and a passion for jazz, the planetary success with Back to Black, the disastrous marriage to a very dangerous (and incredibly stupid) man, the abuse of alcohol and drogues.
It is almost a tour de force but a worthy one. Winehouse’s dad could win awards as Worst Father Ever, while Kapadia confirms himself as one of the most serious and accurate documentarists around.

The Zazie d'Or for BEST COSTUME DESIGN goes to 
This movie is set in Berlin and Rome in the '60's. This is why it was extremely easy for Zazie to go nuts about the dresses Alicia Vikander is wearing all along the movie. The men are dressed very well too. I wish we were living in a world where all this could be real and not just vintage. Joanna Johnston, please save us!

The Zazie d'Or for BEST CHOREOGRAPHY goes to
OSCAR ISAAC for his dancing number in EX MACHINA by Alex Garland (UK)
Not only Oscar Isaac is one of the most interesting and talented actors of these last years, but he's also an amazing dancer. I just can't get enough of this scene (very intriguing movie, by the way...):

The Zazie d'Or for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY goes to  

ROGER DEAKINS for SICARIO by Denis Villeneuve (US)
Roger Deakins is the historical cinematographer of the Coen Brothers and in these last years he has started a fruitful collaboration with québécois film-maker Denis Villeneuve. Sicario's light is breathtaking and so fitting to the story: it follows the shadows, it enlightens hell on earth. Basically, it's one of the reasons why Sicario is one of the best (and also one of the most underestimated) films of the year.

The Zazie d’Or for BEST ACTRESS(ES) goes to

I have adored the strength, the irony, the intelligence and the courage of these 5 Turkish sisters against the stupid, narrow minded, macho and oppressive world lead by men. And I think these five young Turkish actresses have been great to embody them. They have given me so much faith and hope in women’s future.
Girls Power!!! (fuck, it’s about time!)

The Zazie d’Or for BEST ACTOR goes to
GEZA RÖHRIG for SAUL FIA by László Nemes (Hungary)
When you appear for the first time on screen in a movie set in a concentration camp, and your face is in front of the camera for two hours, it probably means you’re a very good actor.
In Geza Röhrig’s case, this means actually more than that. It means that you become 


but Zazie really loved also:
VINCENT LINDON in LA LOI DU MARCHE by Stéphane Brizé (France)

and DANE DEHAAN in LIFE by Anton Corbijn (US)

In a not-so-far away future, singles are not accepted anymore. Men and women who can’t find their soul-mates within 45 days, will be transformed into animals. The genial idea of Greek film-maker Yorgos Lanthimos gives birth to one of the most unsettling, original and brilliant movies of these last years. One of those works that divides audiences in two. 
As the French say: ou ça passe, ou ça casse.
Zazie has adored it.

The Zazie d'Or for BEST DIRECTOR & the SPECIAL ZAZIE D’OR go to   

The best movie about the Holocaust ever made.
You don’t spend two hours at the movies, you spend two hours in Auschwitz.
The experience is far beyond cinema, and it is almost unbearable. If you manage to arrive till the end, you’ll see what a man is capable of. When it’s over, you don’t know if you’re still alive, but you’ll see the world with different eyes.
First feature film of a 38 years old guy, László Nemes, who dared to film the most unfilmable thing of all in the most intelligent and subtle way. Mazel tov!

László Nemes on the set of Saul Fia
The ZAZIE D’OR 2015 goes to    
AS MIL E UMA NOITES - Vol. 1 O Inquieto
AS MIL E UMA NOITES - Vol. 2 O Desolado
AS MIL E UMA NOITES - Vol. 2 O Encantado
by MIGUEL GOMES (Portugal)
This is not a simple movie: this is a monster, a protean creature, a space oddity.
6 hours divided into 3 volumes, As Mil e uma noites is a new form of cinema, the weirdest mix of fiction, documentary, real life, poetic vision and mythological tale.

As you must have guessed, this is also a masterpiece.

And since Mr. Gomes came to Paris last January, Zazie seized the opportunity to advise him about the award (and also about the past awards he has received with his previous movie, the wonderful Tabu). This is the lovely dedication he wrote on the first page of a book dedicated to his cinema:  
To Le Blog de Zazie (that gives me prizes!). Thanks, Miguel Gomes
Isn't that cute???!
The JEREMY IRONS PRIZE (Man of my Life Award) 2015 goes to
Because it doesn't happen every year that you actually meet your favourite actor of all time and you can give him the prize in flesh and blood! In 2015, this has happened.
And, hey, I can prove it:
As usual, thanks to Sergio Saccingo Tanara for the design of the Zazie D'Or Award!

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