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Best Movie Posters of 2015

Happy New Year, my dear readers!
I wish you a 2016 plenty of happiness, of nice things and, of course, of great cinema.
I am not ready yet to disclose my Top Ten movies list for 2015, but I thought I could write an alternative and "lighter" one, just to start in a good way this long sequence of new days: the best MOVIE POSTERS of 2015!
Movie Posters are a real art.
One image could say a lot about the movie you're about to see: it could be funny, witty, colorful, magnificent, dark, scary, it could be a drawing or a photograph, it could suggest the theme, it could remind of a certain atmosphere, it could be extremely evocative.
En entire world in just one poster.
And my favourite ones for 2015 are:
HORS COMPETITION (ça va sans dire...)
MACBETH by Justin Kurzel with Michael Fassbender
It started with the "Coming Soon"...
It continued with the "All Hail"...
It ended up with the poster...
Long live our King!

5. MUSTANG by Deniz Gamze Ergüven
The five Turkish sisters who are not afraid of looking at you on this poster, are not afraid either of living their life dangerously and of going against a suffocating and macho mentality. And they go far, very far, to the point that they could be winning an Oscar because of their courage. 
I feel like running like a Mustang just looking at this picture.
Girls Power!!!

4. DHEEPAN by Jacques Audiard

I am so much in love with this picture.
It is so simple and yet so powerful. You don't see the face of any of the characters but they are all there, three strangers obliged to become a family. The man's hand trying to protect the wife and the daughter from the dangerous life out there, and then the colors of their clothes, so warm, so bright.
This image gives me hope, like Audiard's cinema.

3. THE LOBSTER by Yorgos Lanthimos

As crazy as you can get.
The perfect example of a perfect conformity between the content and the container.
Lanthimos disturbing reflection on the contemporary society and its obsession for couples life is genially reproduced in the movie poster. How ridiculous these people look without the other? How lonely they are? 
One of the best movies of the year by far. Not to mention the poster!

2. MARYLAND by Alice Winocour

I am totally crazy about this poster.
I think Maryland has been one of the most underestimated movies of the year (and I feel guilty not to have written a post about it). On the picture, the vision of what it could look like a normal family walking on the beach, is disturbed by the presence of the gun in the man's jeans (the gorgeous back belongs to Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts). Maryland is a very subtle, disturbing and clever movie, like this picture. I hope you didn't miss it.

1. LOUDER THAN BOMBS by Joachim Trier

This has been an evidence since the very first time I saw the poster, back in Cannes.
These three girls performing incredible jumps in the air and the composition of the picture put together with the title, look absolutely stunning to me.
In France, where the movie has been recently released, the title has been changed because of the November attacks: they have called it Back Home and they put a more reassuring picture of a mother and a son, sleeping close by.
I think it's a pity. I personally would have kept it.
To give this message: our laughs, our being together in a bar or in a restaurant, our friendly conversations, our voices, will be louder than bombs.
Now and ever.
Happy New Year, dear readers!

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