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Top 5 TV Series of 2014

As you probably imagine, not only Zazie spends much of her time in the dark of cinema theatres, but also when she’s home, she can’t help herself but spending time watching TV series.
TV Series are the new Movies, let’s admit it. 

Sometimes it’s hard to find in cinema the same level of originality, boldness and amazement that you can find in television products.
There are so many jewels out there, that it’s basically impossible to see them all, but Zazie tried her best. So, starting from 2015, besides the usual TOP 10 of Best Pictures (wait, it will be published soon!), Zazie will share with you her TOP 5 of Best TV series!
Aren't you excited??!
One word before I start, for the TV series freaks like me: yes, I have seen True Detective and Fargo but for some reasons they didn't excite me as much as I thought. I liked them, I enjoyed to see them very much, but I forgot about them too soon. And this is not a good sign, as far as I'm concerned. 
Also, I would like to mention a couple of TV mini-series that really made my day:
Olive Kitteridge by Jane Anderson & Elizabeth Strout
Because I can't stop thinking about the incredible performances of Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins:
Quirke by John Banville, Andrew Davies and Conor McPherson
Because I can't stop thinking about Gabriel Byrne... (hey, I'm a blogger, not a saint!):
And here's my list:
5 - Transparent by Jill Soloway
From one of the scenarists of Six Feet Under (yes, she can!), the story of a dysfunctional but irresistible modern family in contemporary Los Angeles: the son is loosing his job and his mind over too many women, one of the two daughters doesn't know what to do with her life and the other one is leaving her family for another woman. The mother, divorced, is fed up of taking care of her second and very ill husband and the father, well, the father is a trans. 
Too over-the-top not to be irresistible, and Jeffrey Tambor yesterday night won the Golden Globe for this part. 
Well done, Maura!

4 – Mad Men/Season 7 (1st part) by Matthew Weiner
Waiting for the End of an Era, we witness Don Draper and his kind entering a new time in history: the ‘70s. Set between a cold and dark New York and a warm and sunny Los Angeles, the adventures of this bunch of advertising men and women is slowly but inexorably going towards the abyss. Nobody is doing the right thing, here. Lost in a changing and unrecognizable world, our heroes keep making mistakes and turning in circles. 
Where all this is going? To hell, most probably.
And I personally can’t wait to see it (even if, I know, I’ll feel like an orphan, afterwards).

3 - The Affair by Hagai Levi & Sarah Treem
From the creators of In Treatment (Santi Subito!), the story of a love affair that would torture anybody’s heart. Noah and Alison are both married but they can’t help themselves: they become lovers during a summer in the Hamptons. Questioned months later by a NY detective about the death of somebody they both knew, they talk about the same episodes but in a completely different way. 
Divided in two parts of 30 minutes each, reporting first Noah and then Alison’s version, this modern Rashomon is one of the finest things you can come across. Besides the great screenplay, the two (British, of course!) main actors raise the bar at the highest levels. 
Dominic West and Ruth Wilson (she just won a Golden Globe for this role) are so amazing that you want to fiercely believe in both their versions.

2 - The Knick by Jack Amiel & Michael Begley
Once we were butchers. 

In a Manhattan hospital at the beginning of last century, a group of brave (and a bit crazy) surgeons try their best to save peoples’ lives using new techniques.
Forget about ER, Grey’s Anatomy and Dr. House: things are much worse here. There’s blood everywhere, inside and outside the hospital, surgeons are under drugs or fighting for their (black) rights. It’s a mess, but it’s a great one. Steven Soderbergh is the magician behind the camera of each episode. The dark sepia light in which this world is living is intoxicating: you can’t get enough of it.

And Episode 7 is possibly the best thing I’ve seen this year.

1 – The Fall/Season 2 by Allan Cubitt
Yes, I know, the first season of The Fall was just a very good and intriguing new series.

The story of a serial killer in Belfast who’s attacking and viciously killing young women and of the Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, called from London to investigate and solve the case.
This second series, well, this second one is something else.
The serial killer is not killing anymore, the policemen hating bad men finds out to have one inside of him (great John Lynch) and Stella (magnificent Gillian Anderson) is shining like a rising star, as her name promises: a single and very sexy woman obliged to live in a men’s world, not afraid of being afraid, not justifying herself for her commitment-free (and possibly bi-sexual) love life, not worried of being smarter and stronger than any other man around her.
As you’ve probably understood: this was love at first sight.

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