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Zazie d'Or 2013

Oscars? Golden Globes? Golden Lions? Golden Palms? Golden Bears? BAFTAs? Césars?
Totally has been! Totally out of fashion! The most prestigious cinema award worldwide is – no doubt about it - the one and only ZAZIE D’OR!
Last year, Zazie has been 84 times to the movies and this, dear readers, is the BEST OF IT ALL:

The Zazie d’Or for BEST PICTURE 2013 goes to
LA VIE D'ADELE by Abdellatif Kechiche (France)
They are two girls in France but they could have been a boy and a girl in Japan or two boys in Alaska. Kechiche proves (thanks to two actresses en état de grace) that the first love and the first pain of love are universal and unforgettable. M A G N I F I Q U E !

The SPECIAL ZAZIE D’OR 2013 goes to
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS by the Coen Brothers (US)
A folk singer, a cat named Ulysesse, a bunch of beautiful songs, a cold winter in the NY of the 60s. And the genius of the Coen Brothers to turn a disastrous series of events into the most pleasant cinema moment of the year. W O N D E R F U L !

The ZAZIE COUP DE COEUR 2013 goes to 
12 YEARS A SLAVE by Steve McQueen  (US)
Before seing this movie I had no idea what being a slave meant. After having seen it, I do.

Very much so.
Zazie would like to give a special prize to the entire cast of this movie for their excellent performances: CHIWETEL EJIOFOR, LUPITA NYONG'O, MICHAEL FASSBENDER, SARAH PAULSON, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, PAUL DANO, PAUL GIAMATTI, they are all amazing. BRAD PITT, I am afraid, IS NOT included (but we thank him, anyway, because without his presence the money to produce the film would have never been found).
The Zazie d'Or for BEST DIRECTOR 2013 goes to
This is a prize that will surprise many of you, I know. Nobody liked this movie except me and few other people. Well, j'assume! I have always loved his cinema, and I adore the way he films. I am completely under his spell. I can stay in front of the screen for hours if Winding Refn is behind the camera.

The Zazie d’Or for BEST ACTOR 2013 goes to
BRUCE DERN for NEBRASKA by Alexander Payne (US)

You don't need to have made the Actor's Studio to give the performance of the year. You don't even need to be young and beautiful, to loose 30 kgs, to have a handicap or a mortal illness. Sometimes you just need to be Bruce Dern in a black & white movie. This one.
The Zazie d’Or for BEST ACTRESS 2013 goes to
Yes, I know, she has already won all the prizes in this world. I’ve tried to find somebody else, I thought a lot about the girls of La vie d’Adèle, but then I had to admit it: the most unforgettable one, is her Jasmine. There's nothing I could do about it!

The Zazie d'Or for BEST SCREENPLAY 2013 goes to
These three people have done something unique in cinema history: they have created a couple 20 years ago and they told us their story ever since. We have grown up with Jesse and Céline: we have shared with them the joys of youth, the doubts of maturity and now the difficulties of the middle age. The dialogues of these movies should be studied in every cinema school, because they're simply perfect. 
I hope we will meet them again!
The Zazie d'Or for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY 2013 goes to
Delbonnel, the man behind the magic light of movies like Faust and Le Fabuleux déstin d'Amélie Poulain, works for the first time with the Coen brothers and the result is more than special: the vintage patina of the '60s combined with the cold light of a NY winter is absolutely splendid!
The Zazie d'Or for BEST DOCUMENTARY 2013 goes to

STORIES WE TELL by Sarah Polley (Canada)

I adore Sarah Polley's cinema. Here she relates an incredible personal story: the discovery of her father not being her real father and her search for the natural one. In a strange mix of fictional super 8 films and interviews with the "real" people, she drags us into a very touching family history plenty of emotions, funny moments and universal questions about ourselves.

The Zazie d'Or for the BEST ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 2013 goes to
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS by the Coen Brothers (US)
What can I say? I'm listening to this record in a loop since the day I watched the movie for the first time (back in October 2013...)
The LITTLE ZAZIE D’OR (Best First Feature Film Prize) 2013 goes to 
I have the greatest respect for a woman who is trying to make movies in a country where cinema doesn't exist and where women barely exist. She has filmed all the street scenes hidden inside the back of a truck, proving that, sometimes, revolutions can start with a little girl and her bike. W la Liberté!
The JEREMY IRONS PRIZE (Man of my Life Award) 2013 goes to
In Le Temps de l’Aventure by Jérôme Bonnell, Byrne proves to be the sexiest 60something on planet earth. In the movie, he takes a commuter train to go from Calais to Paris because he is afraid of the tunnel under the English Channel. If you assure me that I’m going to meet somebody like him on a train like that, I swear to avoid the Eurostar for the rest of my life! 
Gabriel, here I come...

And for you, dear readers, what has been the best of 2013?

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  1. Sebbene possa sembrare una soluzione sbrigativa, Io due terzi dei premi li avrei dati a 12 years a slave. E senza ansie mi auguro che l'academy alla fine sia del mio stesso parere. Dubito nel 2013 ci siano stati altri lavori di pari spessore e parlo di originalità e grandezza stilistica, di qualità dell'interpretazione, dell'inarrivabile validità artisticà e valenza storica. Un film inattaccabile. La differenza con la vie d'Adéle è che quest'ultimo verrà ricordato come uno dei più bei film dell'anno, mentre quello di McQueen come uno dei più belli di sempre. Condivido la scelta del premio alla titanica Cate Blanchet, ed a before Midnight. Wadjda mi ha irritato quasi quanto la grande bellezza (non sopporto i musical ed i film coi bambini a meno che non si chiamino Antoine), ma è stato girato in ben altri condizioni e per questo apprezzabile. Dato che non tutti possono vincere, avrei dato varie menzioni d’onore a Matthew McConaughey (non solo per Dallas Buyers Club ma anche per quei 10 minuti in Wolf of Wall Street che sono l’unico momento commestibile del film) a Jake Gyllenhaal per il sottovalutato Prisoners, a Mads Mikkelsen il cui film spero “scipperà” l’oscar al poco anglofono Sorrentino e citando l’innocuo gravity dico un’eresia se ritengo che gli effetti speciali quando fatti bene possono rappresentare una bella pagina di cinema? Un abbraccio. S.

    1. Caro Stefano, Dallas Buyers Club+Prisoners+Wolf of Wall Street li ho visti nel 2014, quindi per Zazie non possono essere premiati nel 2013... eh, ognuno ha i suoi sistemi... ho amato tutti questi attori (i 5 minuti di McConaughey nel film di Scorsese sono DA URLO!) e ne terrò senz'altro conto per il prossimo anno.
      E Gravity a me è piaciuto un sacco, e infatti sono contenta per gli oscar che ha avuto... quanto a Wadjda, lei per me è un'idola assoluta! Lei e la sua bici mi hanno ridato fiducia nella vita! Jagten invece per me è stato un film del 2012, e infatti Mads l'ho premiato l'anno scorso.. ma è uno che vince facile il Jeremy Irons Prize QUANDO VUOLE!!!
      Un abbraccio


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