martedì 15 ottobre 2013

New York Herald Tribune!!!

We live in sad times, dear readers.
Starting from today, 15 October 2013, the famous newspaper New York Herald Tribune will no longer exist. It is still alive but it will be called The International New York Times.
Historically, this was the newspaper for those Americans who were leaving abroad but wanted to be updated on what was going on in their own country, but for cinéphiles this was (and will always be) the newspaper of À bout de souffle by Jean-Luc Godard (1959).
The image of Jean Seberg strolling down the Champs Elysées with a bunch of newspapers in her hands screaming: NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNES!! will FOR EVER linger on in our hearts:

I really can’t conceive a t-shirt having the same class and the same “je ne sais pas quoi” with a different newspaper’s name, but maybe it is just a nostalgic thing, and The International New York Times will be as cool as the Herald Tribune
Who knows… in the meantime, I think we have the right to tell out loud our disappointment: 
“C’est vraiment dégueulasse!”

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