lunedì 24 dicembre 2012

A Very Mad Men Xmas!

Dear Friends,
Wherever you are, in a cold or warm climate, I wish you a Merry Xmas with the people you love.
This is not the best moment of the year for many, and this is why I have decided to use a scene from the last season of Mad Men as my Xmas piece.
If I didn’t choose a scene from It's a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra, or The Sound of Music by Robert Wise, it is because I think life is more complicated than wonderful. Or at least it is for me nowadays. Mad Men suits me better, with its mixed feelings of sadness and joy, hope and despair, ugliness and wonder.
As in this dialogue between Don Draper and Joan Harris, in which – in the space of few minutes – they are able to talk about many heavy things in life but always with this subtle and splendid sense of humour, I want to believe that life is full of surprises and that a bunch of flowers with the right words on it is waiting for us all.

A very Mad Men Xmas from your Zazie, dear readers!

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  1. Salve,
    augurandoti un buon Natale e un felice anno nuovo, ti invito a votare migliori film del 2012 sul mio blog. Nella pagina trovi anche il link per votare come "blogger cinematografico".

    Ovviamente, l'invito è esteso a tutti i blogger di cinema qui di passaggio che non sono ancora riuscito a contattare e a tutti i visitatori amanti del cinema!


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