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The movie that...

I read many cinema magazines every month and there is a French one which has a very nice last page. 
It is called Le Film qui... (The movie that...), in which an actor/actress or a director talks about a bunch of movies that marked his/her life. I read it always with great pleasure, because I adore knowing the taste of cinema makers. Of course, I dream that this magazine would ask me about my movies, but why should I wait for them since I have a cinema blog???! 
So, Zazie, which is the movie that...

... makes you want to dance?
Les Demoiselles de Rochefort by Jacques Demy (1967)
It is just impossible for me not to start dancing every time I hear a song from this movie. I know all the chansons by heart, I even went on pilgrimage to the city of Rochefort, I'm crazy about Jacques Demy's universe and the music written by Michel Legrand. This is a cure against the ugliness and sadness of the real world. Jumelles Garnier For Ever!!! 

... makes you laugh every time you see it?
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of Desert by Stephan Elliott (1994)
I never laughed so much watching a movie as I did for Priscilla. The plot is amazing, the actors are absolutely astonishing (Terence Stamp deserved an Oscar for his role!), the dialogues are so funny and brilliant you can basically never stop laughing and the scene where they dance on "I will survive" in the middle of the Australian bush... well, that wins hands off. There is no depression that can possibly survive to this:

... makes you cry every time you see it?
Breaking the Waves by Lars Von Trier (1996)
I saw this movie on a cinema screen four times and every single one I cried and sobbed in the most dramatic way. I can't stand to witness what happened to little Bess, that's the thing. This movie would be also part of my personal category of Movies that changed your life. I consider it a masterpiece under every point of view and Emily Watson's performance one of the best in cinema history. 
It is simply unforgettable.

... caused you sleepless nights?
The Sixth Sense by M. Night Shyamalan (1999)
I am a very impressionable person, so I don't usually see scary movie. I'm too scared too easily. When I saw The Sixth Sense, I didn't sleep for six nights (as many as the senses involved). It was the subtle bursting of supernatural elements into realistic situations that made the movie so incredibly dreadful. The idea at the core of the screenplay is really incredible. I don't think I can watch it ever again.

... shocked you?
American film-maker David Fincher
I am shocked by the misogyny of Fincher's movies, a film-maker I can't stand. Apparently, I'm the only one in the world to think that he is The Director Who Hates Women, but I don't care. I trust my guts and the way I feel every time I'm out of one of his movies: filthy, depressed and hopeless. Enough of it. I promised myself I will never see again one of his pictures. Good-bye, Mr. Fincher!

And NO, I'm not going to waste space of my blog to show images taken from his movies. Basta!

... made you fall in love with its actor?
Hunger by Steve McQueen with Michael Fassbender (2008)
It was a Saturday night. I was seated in the Salle n° 1 of the Cinéma des Cinéastes. Just few people in the audience. I guess nobody wants to see, on a Saturday night, the story of a man who starved himself to death for political reasons. After half an hour of a movie that I was already considering amazing, a man appears on screen. He is so thin you can count the bones on his chest, the walls of his jail are covered with shit, he looks pale and fragile. But when he starts talking, with a strong Northern Irish accent, and you hear that voice, and you see that look, you understand how powerful this man can be. 
It was love at first sight.

... makes you want to write a cinema blog?
The Purple Rose of Cairo by Woody Allen (1985)
Love for cinema has never been so well expressed, in my opinion, than in this adorable movie by W. Allen. If somebody said: Madame Bovary, c'est moi!, I could easily say: Cecilia, c'est moi! The main character of this movie is a woman who can endure any misfortune in life provided that she can go to the movies and forget all the rest. In front of the screen, magic can happen, anything can happen, even the miracle of a movie character getting off the screen to meet you and fall in love with you. And if things go wrong, well, you can always go to the movies and crying while Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are dancing cheek to cheek... 
... I can write about this for ever!

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