mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

Jacques Demy & The Fleet Week

I'm in New York City for my job, with no time to go to the movies, unfortunately, but this doesn't mean I don't think about cinema.
In these last days, the city has been invaded by sailors: it is Fleet Week. Every time I see a sailor, I can't help myself: I immediately think about Jacques Demy and his Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, plenty of dancing sailors and girls wearing lovely dresses with bright colours. 
I am staying at this cute hotel, having a certain Mad Men style and the perfect name for the circumstance: Maritime Hotel. The other day, coming back from a dinner, you may not believe me but I actually saw a sailor and a beautiful girl dancing in the lobby.
I looked at them, puzzled: were they real or were they coming from my imagination?
They were real, simply part of the magical power that this city has.
I took the elevator and I started dancing myself. 
Nobody could see me, but I'm sure that Jacques Demy would have approved!

2 commenti:

  1. It's amazing that you're back in New York. And in such an interesting place too - where you can see a dancing sailor and a woman! I can just picture it before my eyes. I think I even saw their reflections in the mirror.

  2. yes, I was lucky to be back to NY in such a short time! The weather was just perfect. I love everything of this city and during Fleet Week is even more interesting...


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