sabato 2 aprile 2011

New York City Movie Theatres

Let’s face it: there is no city like Paris, for movie goers.
But besides the place where I live, the other city in the world allowing you to see an old Hollywood picture, a Pasolini movie or a Japanese retrospective at 11 am on a Tuesday morning… definitely IS New York City!
This is why, every time I have the chance to be there, I go to the movies as much as I can. And this is exactly what I did last week: Breakfast at Tiffany’s and movies at will!
But I also walked around to take pictures of my favourite movies theatres. Places where they really care for the pictures they show, places where I feel at home.
I went to the Sunshine Cinema (Lower East Side), an old movie theatre with a great programming and posters of Les Parapluies de Cherbourg by Jacques Demy hanging on its walls. To the lovely Angelika Film Center (near Washington Square), a chain of arty cinemas with different locations in the States (Dallas, Houston, Plano and NY), where I enjoyed a good cup of tea in their beautiful café (if I knew what I was about to see, I would have opted for a glass of whisky, but well…). To the IFC Center, the kingdom of independent cinema in the middle of Greenwich Village, and to the Film Forum (Soho), a place specialised in American independent cinema and foreign art movies (the evidence: they are now showing Le Quattro Volte by Michelangelo Frammartino).
I will write about the movies I have seen in New York in my next posts, but I wanted first to share these places with you.
Because no matter where you are in the world: home is where the movie theatres are!

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  1. Zazie,

    Here are some more great theatres for next time:-

    Brooklyn Academy of Music
    Museum of the Moving Image (Queens)
    Cinema Village
    Anthology Film Archives
    Cobble Hill (Brooklyn)

    And a good article on New York theatres:

  2. WOW! Thanks Robert!!!
    But netx time I'll need a month holiday in NY to see all this...

  3. Because no matter where you are in the world: home is where the movie theatres are! Zazie questa è la mia frase del giorno, anzi del mese, anzi dell'anno! Ieri mattina, domenica, alle 13, ho visto Qualcuno volo' sul nido del cuculo per la prima volta ed è stata un'esperienza sconvolgente. Vancouver si difende. A dirtela tutta ieri ero in un multiplex (brr...) ma per una volta ho chiuso occhio! A la prochaine.

  4. Evviva i cinema, Qualcuno volò sul nido del cuculo (film bellissimo), Vancouver e Barbara!!! A la prochaine, cara lettrice.


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