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Zazie d'Or 2010

Forget about Oscars, Baftas, Golden Globes, Golden Lions, Golden Palms, Golden Bears, Césars, or any other Cinema award you can think of. The most prestigious and most exclusive one, the ZAZIE D'OR, is finally back, ready to let you know what was the very BEST of Cinema in 2010!  
Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners are...

The Zazie D'Or for BEST PICTURE 2010 est attribué à
LES AMOURS IMAGINAIRES by Xavier Dolan (Québec)
Why? Because I have adored everything about this movie: the plot, the actors, the way is filmed, the music, the costumes. It is intelligent, funny, visually astonishing, super well done and adorable. I cant' get enough of it. This movie casted a spell on me and I'm crazy about it! 

But... there was another movie that really enchanted me in 2010. A movie that probably is the antithesis of Dolan's one, but cinema is great also because we can love pictures that are incredibly different with the same passion and admiration. I have then decided to create a special award for it.
The SPECIAL ZAZIE D'OR 2010 est attribué à
DES HOMMES ET DES DIEUX by Xavier Beauvois (France)
Why? Because I have immensely loved how rigorously this movie shows us the (true) story of a group of religious men and the incredible decisions they have to make. The themes of faith, life, death, and the reasons why we are in this world, have been rarely shown on screen as powerfully as in this movie. Chapeau!

The Zazie d'Or for BEST DIRECTOR est attribué à

Why? Because this guy is born to make movies. Can't you see it?
The Little Zazie D'or (BEST FIRST FEATURE FILM) est attribué à
PLAN B by Marco Berger (Argentina)
Why? Because Berger with his first movie reminds us that cinema can be made in the simplest possible way: two men, a room, and an interesting story to be told.
You don't need more than that to make great things happening!
And talking about this movie...
The Zazie D'Or for BEST ACTOR est attribué EX AEQUO à
for PLAN B by Marco Berger (Argentina)
Why? Because these actors have created two of the most endearing characters ever seen on screen. We want more real men like them!  

The Zazie d'Or for BEST ACTRESS est attribué à
YOON JUNG-HEE for POETRY by Lee Chang-dong (Korea)
Why? Because this korean actress (one of the most famous in her country) is simply extraordinary in the role of an old woman facing dramatic events, and because I think it has been a scandal she didn't receive any award at the last Cannes Film Festival. Shame on the jury.

The Zazie D'Or for BEST SCREENPLAY est attribué à
Why? I have told you: I'm crazy about this movie.

The Zazie D'Or for the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY est attribué à
GREIG FRASER for BRIGHT STAR by Jane Campion (UK/Australia)
Why? Because the light and the beauty of the images have a very important role in the final, amazing results of this great movie. 

The Zazie D'Or for BEST DOCUMENTARY 2010 est attribué à
LA BOCCA DEL LUPO by Pietro Marcello (Italy)
Why? Because once you see this movie, you will never forget it! 

The JEREMY IRONS PRIZE (Man of my life Award) for 2010 est attribué à
JAMES FRANCO (American Actor)
Why? You gotta be kidding me... are you really asking me WHY???
Private message to Mr. Franco: the only way to receive this prize is actually to knock at my door, James. So: the sooner, the better! Sincerely Yours, Zazie 

Zazie would like to thank Sergio "Saccingo" Tanara, the creator of the Zazie D'Or drawing. If you want to know more about Saccingo, please visit his sites: 

6 commenti:

  1. Mannaggia, mi sonos dimenticato di farti veramente i zazie d'oro :)
    complimenti per l'articolo. Sei ormai una CRITICA di eccellenza.
    Sleepless in Seattle

  2. Sarà per il prossimo anno, Sacc! A presto...

  3. Grande Zazie... Approvo tutte le tue scelte, anche se mi astengo su Plan B, che non ho visto.
    Potremmo anche fare una vera giuria con altri cinema freaks per l'anno prossimo, no?

  4. Mica male come idea, Maelle!
    Peccato tu non abbia visto Plan B, davvero un gioiellino. Adesso il nuovo film di questo regista argentino era all'ultimo Festival di Berlino. Secondo me il ragazzo ha stoffa...

  5. Thank you Zazie for sharing your Zazie d'Or!
    It was nice rediscovering the scene of the party in "Les amours imaginaires" ; I totally agree with your second choice for "Des hommes et des dieux" that I often have to defend in front of sceptical and snobish persons ; and you made me want to discover "In bocca lupo", it looks fabulous!

  6. Merci bella de suivre le blog! Il faut le voir "La bocca del lupo", je t'assure...


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