giovedì 30 dicembre 2010

Strange Days

This is the end of the year, dear readers, and it is time to sum it up! In 2010, Zazie has been to the movies 67 times. Twenty movies were coming from France, another twenty from the States, few others from Italy and United Kingdom and the remaining from different countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Korea, Philippines, Germany, Israel, Norway, Spain.
This, of course, without mentioning the movies seen in DVDs and all the TV series devoured.
Furthermore, I have written 50 posts for my blog.
Well, I hope you will agree with me on this important point: I have worked very, very hard!

Before letting you know the best and worst of 2010 (this is going to happen next February with the awarding of the Zazie d'Or prizes), here it is for you the top-seven list of
Zazie's Best Cinema Moments of 2010:
1 - April 2010
Twenty minutes talk seated on a bench outside Hampstead Theatre, London, with British actor Jeremy Irons (possibly to be considered also the Best Moment of My Life tout court!)
2 - May 2010
Bumping by chance in a London restaurant into British actor Ralph Fiennes and eating dinner in front of him (but not at the same table, unfortunately). I still can't believe he didn't recognize me!!!
3 - July 2010
Bumping by chance into Woody Allen (and the Première Dame de France, Carla!) filming in Rue Mouffetard some scenes of his next movie, Midnight in Paris
4 - July 2010
Meeting in Rome in flesh and blood Italian film-maker Pietro Marcello after having adored his two movies, Il Passaggio della Linea and La Bocca del Lupo
5 - September 2010
Meeting, having a short conversation and taking a picture at a Los Angeles party with "Hollywood New Rebel", American actor James Franco (!!!)
6 - September 2010
Having the guts to give my "blog card" to American film-maker Wes Anderson, met at a book launch in New York (at my defence, I can say that I already knew him and so he was used to be pestered by Zazie)
7 - December 2010
Bumping by chance at a friend's party in Paris into my favourite film-maker of the year, the young québécois genius Xavier Dolan (in this case, I can't say anything at my defence: he didn't know me and so, not being used to Zazie's enthusiasm, he simply run away...)

It seems I have been a VERY LUCKY girl, in 2010.
Will 2011 be THAT lucky? I doubt it but, well, you never know...

I leave you with two short videos: one is taken from the movie Strange Days (1995) by Kathryn Bigelow, a movie set in the very last days of the year (just to remind you that Miss Bigelow has been the first woman in cinema history to be awarded of an Oscar for Best Director in 2010) and the other one is taken from Aprile (1998) by Nanni Moretti, where Moretti rages against... Strange Days (just to remind you that one of the best things in life is to have different views on the same movie).


9 commenti:

  1. Zazie,
    buon tutto nuovamente,
    Salvatore D’Agostino

  2. Grazie Salvatore, ricambio con affetto! Felice 2011!!!

  3. Si l'on prolonge la série de rencontres plus ou moins fortuites, cela mène directement à ... Gabriel Byrne. Enfin, c'est ce que je te souhaite pour 2011!

  4. J'espère bien, Denis... ça serait vraiment PAS MAL DU TOUT! Bonne année à toi!!!

  5. Dear Zazie, it was my personnal pleasure to bump into you in 2010 and to discover your blog!! I wish you for 2011 happiness, creativity, and discovery (of new wonderful films!)!!

  6. It is so refreshing and cool to see someone who is in the film world who still gets super excited to meet people they admire in the film world. Whenever I hear people say they don't get starstruck, I always feel so uncool because I know I would have a hard time keeping composed if I met say, Martin Scorcese or Clive Owen. Your story about meeting Xavier Dolan was the best!

  7. @La fille Oasis: The pleasure was mine meeting you and your incredible blog!!! I wish you all the best for the new year, la belle! And I hope to see you soon...
    @Josephine: Thanks, Josephine! You are writing to the person that has the hardest time keeping composed in front of the people she admires... I'm the champion of that, you can't possibly compete!!! I hope 2011 will bring you joy, and thanks for reading my blog!!!

  8. Hey Zazie, where are you?? We need you in Paris?? The movies are on.. Love your top ten for 2010.. Wishing you love and happiness for 2011.. Carla xxx

  9. Hey Carla, I'm here, back to Paris! See you soon and Happy New Year, darling!!!


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