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Zazie D'Or 2009

Forget about Golden Globes, Oscars, BAFTA awards, Golden Lions, Golden Palms and Golden Bears, it is now the moment of the most prestigious cinema award EVER, the one of your favourite cinema blogger: the ZAZIE D’OR!!!
Zazie has been 60 times at the movies last year (yes, she took her task pretty seriously) and now she is ready to let you know the very best in cinema for 2009.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner is....

The Zazie d’Or for BEST PICTURE est attribué to the French movie UN PROPHETE by Jacques Audiard
Why: Because this is an outstanding picture, that you won't forget for ages. The story is great, the actors are to die for, the dialogues are perfect, the atmosphere is fascinating. In a word: a masterpiece.
And the Zazie d'Or for BEST DIRECTOR est attribué à JACQUES AUDIARD for Un Prophète
Why: Because Audiard is able to film like anybody else. The new Martin Scorsese? C'est lui!

The Zazie d’Or for BEST ACTOR est attribué à TAHAR RAHIMI for Un Prophète by Jacques Audiard
Why: Because even if this would be a silent movie, Rahimi's eyes will tell you the whole story. He is simply perfect.

The Zazie d’Or for BEST ACTRESS est attribué à KATIE JARVIS for Fish Tank by Andrea Arnold Why: Because she's a force of nature and you can't resist to her mix of strenght, fragility, despair and hope. A star is born.

The Little Zazie D’or (BEST FIRST FEATURE FILM) est attribué to the Australian movie SAMSON AND DELILAH by Warwick Thornton
Why: Because it is rare to see such a powerful first movie. This is the 400 Blows of the modern era.
The Zazie d'Or for the BEST SCREENPLAY est attribué à LOS ABROZOS ROTOS by Pedro Almodóvar  Why: Because this is one of the most beautiful and moving declaration of love ever seen. 
The Zazie d'Or for the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY est attribué à CHRISTOPHER DOYLE for The Limits of Control by Jim Jarmusch.

Why: Because Doyle's images are the most beautiful thing in the worst and most useless movie of the year. This guy is a genius.

The Zazie d'Or for the BEST EDITING est attribué à SARAH FLACK for Away We Go by Sam Mendes  Why: Well, because Sarah is a friend of mine, and she is a fantastic editor as well as a fantastic human being. Brava Sarah!!!   
 The JEREMY IRONS PRIZE (MAN OF MY LIFE AWARD) est attribué for this year to the German-Irish actor MICHAEL FASSBENDER Why: C’mon, guys...
This is a personal message for the winner: the only way to receive this prize, Michael, actually is to knock at the door of my apartment... looking forward to hearing from you!!! Yours, Zazie
Very important p.s.The prestigious award Zazie d'Or has been designed by artist Sergio "Saccingo" Tanara, best known as ALKY. Grazie Sacc!

5 commenti:

  1. WOW! now I understand yesterday visits' boom on my site! :) I just hope you'll give personally the Jeremy Irons Prize to the winner! :)
    Thanx and think about a gala night for the next edition (with red carpet!).

  2. Hey Sarah, of course! Anyway, next year you'll win again with the new Sofia Coppola's movie and so we will organise an amazing Gala Night with special guests!!!
    Lots of love from Zazie

  3. ah ah ah... I'm not Sarah darling...

  4. Sacc!!! Mi scrivi in inglese, mi confondi le idee... ho visto la S e ho pensato a Sarah che è stata premiata!!! Bene, speriamo che il sito di Alky faccia er botto!!!! Ciao bello!

  5. Good choice. "Un prophete" was also for me the most interesting film full of passion. Christopher Doyle is incredible. He made that I liked this film because he can paint with his camera.
    Besides "Fish Tank" I also enjoyed Ken Loach's film this year showing the English working class in a funny positive way.
    Michael Fassbender is not only a good actor, I must admit he is more than charming!


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