lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

Louder than bombs

Something strange happened to me with this post.
After a couple of months since the publication of my critic about Louder than bombs, I have received a message from the platform hosting my blog to advise me that I had violated some kind of copyright.
Never happened to me before.
I guessed it was about some pictures I have published.
The post was put in the drafts section and they asked me to change the violation.
The problem was that I didn’t know which was the incriminated picture/s.
I got back to the draft to understand better and I don’t know what I did but all of a sudden my post wasn’t there anymore.
All it was left was the title.
I felt so depressed, because now I don’t have neither the strength nor the time to write it again.
And it won’t be the same post, anyway.
I am particularly sorry, because there was a nice story attached to it.
After a few minutes that I put it on line, last December, I received a message on my twitter account from Devin Druid, the actor who plays the youngest son of Gabriel Byrne and Isabelle Huppert in the movie.
Even if my post was written in Italian, he understood I wrote something super good about him, which was the case (hashtags santi subito!).
His message was a simple emoticon, a shy flushed face, and it was so cute! 

I’m so sorry my words about him are gone forever…
… but well, I guess there’s nothing I could do about the old post now.
Probably I just need to be more careful about the pictures I publish (so difficult to understand who’s the photographer behind the pics you find on internet, by the way… especially the ones taken from the movies).
Meanwhile, all I can do is to strongly suggest you to watch Louder than bombs, a really great movie!

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